Orangery Museum Sights of Paris Travel Guide

Oranger Museum

The Oranger Museum deserves a fairly high location in the list of main attractions of Paris. The building, where the exhibition is located, once was part of a huge palace complex with numerous gardens and greenhouses. That buildings we see today – The result of the painstaking work of wizards for the reconstruction and restoration of the building.

All exhibition samples of the museum are fully dedicated to work in the style of impressionism. There are even small strokes and details here to cause sincere emotions and feelings. Works of many great masters are an exposure decoration. Pictures of Maurice Utriillo brushes immerse us into the atmosphere of Paris a long-year old, and the work of the Loranspen with clarity transmits a dreary mood of the image model.

Orangery Museum Sights of Paris Travel Guide

The great pride of the Orange Museum is huge panels owned by brush Claude Monet. They provided the entire second floor of the museum, which is an oval hall. «Kuvuty» Predit all the thrill and peacefulness of nature, penetrating the rays of light create a mood, and the riot of paints is simply impressive. This work is rightfully considered to be a brilliant representative of his style worthy of universal attention.

In addition to the main exhibition, the public eye presented some temporary exhibitions of unrecognized sculptors performed in various styles. Some exhibits are so creative that they cause a mixed flow of emotions, and sometimes even plunged into shock.

Orangery Museum Sights of Paris Travel Guide

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