Opera Festival in Savonlinna

Opera Festival in Savonlinna

In the Finnish city of Savonlinna, a famous opera festival has been held in a row for more than a hundred years. This year, he will be dedicated to two hundredth anniversary of the birth of two great composers: Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner.

In particular, over all festival days (July 5 – August 3, 2013) will be "Traviata" and "Macbet" Verdi as well "Loengrin" Wagner. In addition, in the program – "Samson and Dalila" French composer Kamil Saint-Sansa and children’s opera "Seal". "Requiem" Verdi will perform choir and orchestra of the Opera Festival, and the Mikhailovsky Theater from St. Petersburg will present Opera "Eugene Onegin" NS.AND.Tchaikovsky I "Ball Masquerad" Verdi.

Opera Festival in Savonlinna

Annual Opera Festival of Savonlinna – Business Card Finland in the World of Culture. This holiday is one of the most successful similar festivals in Europe. He takes place in the summer in the medieval fortress of Olavinlinna. Its main courtyard, covered with unique ones, in the days of the Opera Festival, is constructed to the theater and accommodates more than two thousand spectators. The cost of tickets depends on the selected performance and place, on average – from 30 to 300 euros.

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