Old Town Pragular Sights of Prague Travel Guide

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Old Town Square – one of the vintage beautiful squares of Prague, naturally located in the old place – the historic center of the city. Its dimensions are impressive – Approximately 15 thousand. kv. M. Surrounding area of ​​the building built in various architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance.

Already in the 12th century, this area was a market, from which trading paths went out in all. Square changed its name many times, and only in 1895 began to officially be called the Old Town.

In the 14th century, the main city council was built, and a little later, local chimes were installed on it – Astronomical hours.

On the square, the crown was punished on caters in his residence in Prague Country. But the bloody events took place here: in 1422 there were collisions caused by the execution of the leader of Prague poor Yana Zhelivsky, in 1437 the last hesites were executed here. On the area of ​​objectionable executed even repeatedly. In connection with these events, near the main counteratorships, 27 crosses.

Old Town Pragular Sights of Prague Travel Guide

Over the next centuries, temples, fountains are built on the square. And at the beginning of the 20th century, a large monument has been established by the National Hero, Jan Gusu. In the sixties, the 20th century Square became a pedestrian.

Now – This is the most visited place of Prague. Tourists are delayed here for a long time.

Old Town Pragular Sights of Prague Travel Guide

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