Nuremberg Market Square Sights of Nuremberg Travel Guide

Nuremberg Market Square

The historic center of the city, his heart, appeared on the site of tragic events. The first mention of the square refers to the 14th century, when the documents are known that in the middle of the 13th there was a Jewish ghetto, which was equalized with the Earth and burned 600 people.

Starting a century, this is the most popular place in Germany, in particular because of the Christmas fairs who pass here annually.

In one corner of the area, you can admire «Beautiful» the fountain. Its crowns of the dome in the Gothic style with 40 gilded sculptures. According to one of the legend variants, this dome had to complete the church, however, by the end of the work on it, the church was already completed, so they decided to keep this brilliant idea in memory and decorate so fountain.

Nuremberg Market Square Sights of Nuremberg Travel Guide

Enlighten the fountain of the beautiful forged lattice. If you look at, then there are two rings in it – Gold and iron. Another legend says that touching the ring performs any desires.

Main Market Decoration – Church of the Virgin Mary in the Gothic style. It was founded on the place where the foundation of the Jewish synagogue was preserved. Important detail that attracts attention – The clock on the church has moving figures, which exactly at noon appear in front of people and bow.

Nuremberg Market Square Sights of Nuremberg Travel Guide

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