Norway invites to the Northern Light

Norway invites to the Northern Light

Norway’s authorities expect this year the influx of guests from all over the world who will eat look at the Northern Lights. According to the forecast of scientists from NASA, in December, the maximum activity of the Sun will reach its peak, which means that the Northern Light will delight tourists with bright spins.

According to the employee of the organization of Visit Norway Mona Raa Randale, according to the results of 2013, the country will visit more tourists than last year, which is considered to be peak. Starting from 2007, the number of tourists in Norway, who want to see the Northern Lights, steadily growing, notes the "Local" portal.

It is believed that the fluctuations of solar activity are similar to the movement of the pendulum. At one end of the cycle there is a lull with a minimum amount of stains and flashes, and on the other – a rapid solar maximum with a large number of stains and storms. This is a simplified regular scheme that repeats every 11 years.

Norway invites to the Northern Light

However, the solar cycle is not perfect: the duration of the cycle could vary from 10 to 13 years, some solar maxima were frankly weak, while others, on the contrary, very strong. According to Geophysics, Dina Porenell from Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA), at the end of 2013 there will be peak of solar activity.

How exactly the events will develop, probably no one knows. Nevertheless, experts are unanimous in the opinion that the end of 2013 may be much more active than the beginning.

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