Northern Italy in November

Northern Italy in November

What I knew about Bergamo before the trip? Only the fact that from there Truffaldino) And the city turned out to be very pleasant and cute. Bergamo is divided into 2 parts: an ancient top city and a more modern bottom. Several photos Bergamo.

And this is the upper city. We were very lucky with the weather, because it was about +13 and sometimes even sunny. And of course the unique free atmosphere of Italy

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Bergamo most liked the fact that it is not particularly popular among tourists. Therefore, there is no crowd of Japanese with cameras and is worth an authentic, which can not but rejoice 🙂

The next day we went to Milan. Milan did not like. More than a day there would not be done. Maybe with the weather is not lucky of course, but the city is not mine. General types of the city are some such

Northern Italy in November

All the less well-known sights are located in the center in the 2-minute zone from each other.

On the central square near the cathedral stood a lot of migrants, which were offered to buy food for pigeons and more different things. Unpleasant feeling. In the cathedral itself now is repaired. It seemed to me that he was whiten 🙂

That’s what city we really liked, this is Verona. Pleasant atmosphere, narrow streets, beautiful cathedrals. The city stands on the river. And with the weather lucky. I suggest watch photo cards

Northern Italy in November

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