North Czech Observatory and Planetarium Sightseeing Greenhouse Travel Guide

North Czech Observatory and Planetarium

Severočeská Observatory and planetarium in the greenhouse are managed by the Department of Culture of the regional authorities of the Ustsky region in Usti-Nad-Labem. Observatory is located on the sandy grief, and the planetarium in the area of ​​Shanov. The main task of the organization is the popularization of knowledge in the field of astronomy and related sciences among the general public. Very important part – work with schools and the transfer of astronomical knowledge to children and young people.

From the North Czech Observatory and Planetarium, you can directly observe the heavenly bodies and objects. Two domes in the observatory. Both domes have a diameter of 5 m, which are hinged with each other. If you visit the observatory on a clear day, you can in a telescope to observe the surface of the Sun to see the solar photosphere.

North Czech Observatory and Planetarium Sightseeing Greenhouse Travel Guide

In the solar photosphere, there are solar spots that are relatively cool areas in the sun.

You can watch the planet Venus, Saturn with its rings or jupiter with an orange spot on the surface. On the surface of the moon we will see the mountains, crater, lunar seas and other details. Some double stars, nebulae, open and ball clusters are very clearly visible. Observatory is open to visits on a regular basis during the year, regardless of weather, every Saturday from 13:00.

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