Nature Rwanda

Nature Rwanda

Rwanda. New Online Park and not the most successful meeting with chimpanzees

Gorillas and golden monkeys in the park of volcanoes are amazing, but from them we expected incredible emotions, and Newlinewe was a surprise. Headed to the mountain park, and got into a fairy tale. Read more →

Country 2638 hills

Rwanda – a country of thousands of hills, and this is her poetic name, like Finland is a country of thousands of lakes. But Burundi – the country of two thousand six hundred thirty-eight hills quite officially read more →

Antoshananarivo | December 2012

Rwanda per hour

And why "Rwanda per hour"? And this is because all photos of this note are made within one hour from the bus window on the road between the cities of Kibuje and Guitaram in West Rwanda. Read more →

Antoshananarivo | November 2012

Nature Rwanda

On the green hills of the country

Rwanda is quite commensurate with near Moscow, by the way. In size for approximately one and a half times less, and in the population – a little more. It is excluding Moscow, do not worry. But, nevertheless, probably the most populated country of Africa. Read more →

Antoshananarivo | November 2012

Rwanda: Short comments

What can I say about Rwanda – a clean and calm country with normal responsive people. It is quite nice. The country is mountainous and very much in the path of settlements. Read more →

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