Nature of Hungary

Nature of Hungary

Budapest zoo

Zoo large, many species of both animals and birds; There are entertainment programs for children; a large number of power points. For Photographer – Paradise. Read more →

Superspotter | August 2015

Results of a trip to the Balkans on a motorcycle. 11 830 km, 35 days and 22 countries

Screw 11,830 kilometers in 22 countries, among them Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and already familiar countries like Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany or Switzerland. Read more →

gessor | Autumn 2015

One of the best European zoos

The collection has more than three thousand animals. The territory of the zoo is divided into thematic areas in which representatives of the animal world in countries and continents are collected. Read more →

graf kankrin | Spring 2016

Nature of Hungary

Cave water park at the thermal resort in the village of Demjen

I went to the city of Eger, at the same time I decided to combine pleasant with useful and visited the thermal source with a water park in the village of Demjen. The source was found by chance, looking for oil. Read more →

Gotohungary | Spring 2015

Hike to Budapest Zoo

The eighth of March was excellent weather +13 degrees and a lot of sun, the female part of the family expressed the wish to go to the zoo, and then in the restaurant. 15 minutes searched for parking space read more →

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