Nature Montenegro

Nature Montenegro

Flying over Montenegro on Paraglider

It happens more often on Becici, sometimes above the bar, which in the north of the country. I will show some pictures of my flight over Becici and the moment of landing, which I was so afraid. Read more →

sasha0404 | July 2012

Results of a trip to the Balkans on a motorcycle. 11 830 km, 35 days and 22 countries

Screw 11,830 kilometers in 22 countries, among them Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, and already familiar countries like Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany or Switzerland. Read more →

gessor | Autumn 2015

Sveti Stefan Island

Once it was the island, later an artificial ending appeared, which connected it to a truly picturesque place with land. Beautiful! Read more →

Binzajr | summer 2012

Nature Montenegro

Ivanov’s trough in the National Park Delchchen

Ivanov’s trough is now a tourist place and one of the most beautiful parts of NAC. Park Lovechen. Here you can often see the snow, and the slopes are covered with a beautiful forest. Read more →

sasha0404 | Spring 2014

Montenegro: from Kotan Bay to DurMutor

On the excursions, we took two days – we came to the north to the north in the second day, and I went to the north, to see the canyons of Morach rivers, Tara and Black Lake in the Durmitor Reserve. Read more →

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