Nature Finland

Nature Finland

Pike Finnish. Get into size

Get to the shore after successful fishing, you can clean and divide production right at the pier, there are usually special places for this are equipped. Read more →

Anatoly-Gendin | September 2015

Finnish Okun. All on Alanda

This extensive archipelago in the south-west of Finland, not far from Sweden, is not at all by chance in Finnishly called Okunev (Ahvenanmaa). Read more →

Anatoly gendin | Summer 2015

Kaiveopuisto Park in Helsinki

At the entrance to the park there is an information booth with historical information at Finnish and our. It is very convenient and nice that our tourists care so so. Read more →

Muranochka | July 2015

Nature Finland

Turtle run in the Zoo Korkeasaari, and not only it

It is believed that the best time to visit is late spring, when many animals are born cubs. In the summer there are wooden kiosks and a Retrokaf with sandwiches and ice cream. Read more →

Muranochka | July 2015

Lapland in winter – what to do and how much it costs

The sun here never sits down in summer and does not get up to the end in winter, enveloping snow drifts height into human growth of a bluish haze that does not dissipate before sunset. Read more →

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