Nature Dani

Nature Dani

By Scandinavia on a motorcycle

14,562 kilometers, 14 countries and 41 days. Highlights, statistics and the most juicy photos. Route mainly in Norway with a short check in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Read more →

gessor | Summer 2016

Faroe islands. Vagar Island

Today we have big plans. First we go to the island of Vagar, to the village of Gasadalur (Gasadalur). There we saw the waterfall from the aircraft. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 2016

Faroe islands. Islands Borea (Bor&# 240; Oy), Viyaya (VI&# 240; Oy), KUNOY (Kunoy)

Esturoy Island (Eysturoy) – the second in the area and in the population after the island of Streyma (Streymoy). Between these islands built bridge. We just drove it. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 2016

Nature Dani

Faroe islands. Flight. Hotel. Torshavn City (Torshavn)

And the flight was again transferred to 15-20. Friday, on the spotlights we have a booked machine. The office works up to 17 hours. And we still fly 2 hours and before the office to another island. Read more →

Capi4ca | May 2016

R&# 248; m&# 248;

I invite you to walk around the island in Denmark on the border with Germany. Pretya Island (dates. R&# 248; m&# 248;) – This is one of the southern North Frisian Islands of Denmark, which is a popular resort. Read more →

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