Nature Angola

Nature Angola

Tourist business Angola

Since the tourist infrastructure in Angola is missing "slightly less than quite", everything will need to do yourself. Not a single tour operator in Moscow, who could help with something, I don’t know. Read more →

Birds of Angola

Halloglava, similar to the pterodactile, flew away. Predator, Flying Cigarette Advertising "Winston", Listed fish. These are very small, two times less than sparrow. Read more →

Angola. Burial and blue birds

Departed by Kwanza. And here suddenly – burial. I thought at first that dot. I have already seen such, only they were not far from the roadway and they looked after. And these are pretty far. Read more →

Nature Angola

Fauna Angola

River otter. Large-scale. In the savannah, there is no grass at all, and a little lawn remains near the human housing. Here are rabbits and come out at night. Read more →

Angola 2013. About everything

Luanda has its own "MKAD", called Via Experesao (it seems to write correctly) for "Lurade Mcada" The Chinese otfochali district from such multi-colored houses. Feels like this area on the square with a third of Luanda. Read more →

Nature Angola

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