National Railway Museum Sights of York City Travel Guide

National Railway Museum

The system of British NNP museum includes National Railway Museum Cities York. It represents not only the history of the development of the railway, but also its influence on social development. Over the years of its existence, the museum received many awards.

The National Railway Museum presents the attention of visitors more than one hundred locomotives and more than three hundred rolling stock. Each of them at one time went on the roads of Great Britain or was simply built here. You can also familiarize yourself with other exhibits of the museum that takes 8 hectares of land. National Railway Museum among such agencies in the UK.

National Railway Museum Sights of York City Travel Guide

Museum has a record holder – This is a train «Flying Scotland», He has traveled only on the route from 1862 «London – Edinburgh» and never changed the name. «Mallard» – The fastest train, he set his record in 1938 on July 3, breakdown to a speed of 202.7 km / h. There are cars in the collection who traveled Queen Elizabeth II and Victoria.

In addition to trains in the museum you can see a collection of posters, signaling equipment, drawings, tablets, tickets, different uniforms of railway workers, drawings and hours. Museum love to visit not only adults, but also children.

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