National Products patented in Georgia

National Products patented in Georgia

Georgian authorities patent more than ten products as a national brand. Patent, in particular, grape vodka – Chacha, Suluguni Cheese, Khachapuri, Martzoni (Prostokvasha from Cow Milk), Churchhel (Nuts in thick grape juice) and others., Transfers RBC. Local authorities decided to get ahead of enterprising brands thieves, which are especially active in Russia. Patented dishes will cost more.

As reported on channel "Rustavi 2" supervisor "Carpathwent" Irakli Gwalaladze, such a step will protect the original Georgian products from its assignment by other manufacturers. "Recently, we faced the problem of theft of Georgian national brands in Eastern Europe and especially in Russia, where there were several attempts to register brands "Sulguani "I "Khachapuri". This creates problems when registering the product produced directly in Georgia".

National Products patented in Georgia

Secondly, the cost of patented branded products is above products that does not have a patent and it gives a specific economic effect. "The process of patenting Georgian brands will certainly continue", – said Gvaladze. He noted that now Georgia patented much more national brands than other post-Soviet states.

Recall, at the beginning of this year, Georgian media reported that in France, Georgian national products, namely Wine "Saperavi", Churchhel and Khachapuri, sold as Armenian.

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