National Parks and Reserves in Peru

National Parks and Reserves in Peru

Welcome to the jungle!

Mana National Park is the largest Peru National Park, located in the Cusco and Madre de Dios regions. The park is the largest variety of flora and fauna in the world. Read more →

Peru. Parakas. Bayestas Islands

Parakas on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in two with little hundreds of kilometers from Lima and is known mainly by the islands of Baestas. Read more →

Peru. Manu or in search of wild animals

Lifting was to surrender a little light and go to Manu – a huge national park and one of the most popular places for lovers wander around the jungle among the brothers of our smaller, and the biggers too. Read more →

Nikolainikolaev | May 2012

National Parks and Reserves in Peru

Little journey through Peru or visiting Var

"Pickchu Machu is the most powerful energy center of South America. It was purely by chance it was opened in 1911 by the American explorer Hairem Bingham",- tells us Vary. Read more →

Brysov | April 2010

Travel to Peru

Acquaintance with an amazing country we started from the capital Peru – Lima, which today has more than 7 million inhabitants. A crowded, noisy city met us ordinary for this time of the year of fog, so that the beauty of the Pacific Ocean was hidden from us. Read more →

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