National Museum of Iceland Sightseeing Reykjavik Travel Guide

National Museum of Iceland

National Museum of Iceland Differs from other museums by the fact that the country’s history here can be found not only considering archaeological exhibits, but also with the help of modern multimedia equipment. For 1’200 years of the history of Iceland, the museum will have something to tell and show its visitors.

As for the archaeological exhibits, which traditionally the National Museum of Iceland keeps behind the glass, the most popular is the exhibit of silver – Sculpture of God Torah, which cast over a thousand years ago. Also in the museum there are no less popular exhibits, such as Viking Weapons, Gudbrandur Bible 1584. The museum has a copy of the fishing schooner in full size, and there is also a reconstruction of a rural house, a collection of male and female national icelandic clothes and many other historically important and interesting things.

National Museum of Iceland Sightseeing Reykjavik Travel Guide

In the National Museum of Iceland is a wonderful cozy cafe. This cafe is considered to be expensive in the city himself, but it can be satisfied in it after a museum tour. And also in the museum you can visit the souvenir shop, which is also considered the best and expensive in the city. In the store you can buy Icelandic souvenirs and acquire gifts in order to please lovely and friends to return.

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