Mystery of Lake Lake

Mystery of Lake Lake

I think many have heard about the lake rustered, lost, among the deaf andreapol forests and the same lakes in the west of the Tver region. And if if heard about the lake, they certainly heard about the monster living in it. Legends in connection with this lake goes many. Moreover, these legends are and pretty vintage. That Tatar-Mongols on the way to Novgorod were partially drunk by the lake in the shore, it was also devoured during the Great Patriotic War of Other Fascist Messerschmit, who flew over the lake at a low height. But in general, more than forty meters of depth (the deepest lake area) is not a joke. Who knows what can hide at such depths. Molva about the local candid soup it calms down, then the opposite increases, as, for example, the last decades – about the lake and his monster, they were repeatedly broadcast even on the TV, expeditions were equipped (cosmoposisk and so on) and in general, het.

Of course, we are all, the participants of the blogger in the Tver region went to the lake a little alert, with serious concentrated faces and a sense of anxiety. Places here and so wild, not monster, so the boars will catch up or worse the bear. Somewhere here, in the surrounding villages until the 90s, a deserter was hidden since the time of the Second World War.

Mystery of Lake Lake

We went to the lake rustered on a serious off-road technique to, if that, keep the defense against the monsters inside a reliable car.

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