Miaanma Airlines Personal Experience

Miaanma Airlines: Personal Experience

And she is not. I associated tickets with a local agency that books me tickets for the right dates. By arrival to me, a courier came from this agency came to my hotel, brought nostalgic ticket forms :), I fitted my last name and flight data and took money.

I wrote a letter to them in a few weeks, indicating the necessary dates and routes. They sent me prices and promised that everything would be. 🙂 This is a common practice in the case of Myanmar.

I booked through these comrades -Http: // www.ExoticMyanmartravel.COM / . True, I took the tickets in Yangon, and you, I understand it, you need to do it in Mandala. I do not know if they have an office. Well, write, ask. Maybe they throw you to someone from their partners. 🙂 If it does not work, look for a company with an office in Mandalay, the benefit of the agencies in Myanmar is full. Here, for example – http: // www.Myanmars.NET / – A bunch of names with links to sites.

About booking on the site A / to personal experience or experience of loved ones I do not have, unfortunately. Therefore I can’t say anything.

Miaanma Airlines Personal Experience

Somewhere I read that the people sent a request to the airline through the form on the site, and on arrival I went to her office to pay and pick up tickets.

>>> And how are they with delays and delays-transfer of flights.

Like everywhere. That is – happens. 🙂 In the season, when domestic flights are filled with tourists, the probability of delays and cancellations below. In no-season – respectively, above.

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