Metro in Hong Kong

Metro in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Winter

The outpost of the British Ost-Indian trading company, financial offshore, one country – two systems that smoothly merging into one. Hong Kong still flourishes and impress. Read more →

Borawind | Winter 2015

A little about the metro in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, several subway lines, but due to the characteristics of geography they are located in chaotic order, half of the underground stations, half of ground. Nevertheless, by convenience there is little compared with the metro from other types of transport. Read more →

sindzidaisya | April 2014

Hong Kong Metropolitan

Hong Kong Metropolitan, opened in 1979, is considered the most advanced transport system of the world. Convenient location of lines, perfect navigation, modern trains, travolors and a bunch of other advantages. Read more →

Metro in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Practical Tips and Recommendations

It seems that Hong Kong is more profitable to ride together. In ordinary good hotels – an extremely scarce proposal of single rooms, and they have little prices from prices for double. Read more →

lefortoff | new Year 2013

Hong Kong + Macau + Hong Kong

Our Last Our Hotel The Salisbury – YMCA OF HONG KONG was an order of magnitude better than the Imperial. He was also located in the Tsim Sha Tsui Metro Station. We pay the number and go for a walk. Read more →

Metro in Hong Kong

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