Merce Holiday in Barcelona

Merce Holiday in Barcelona

As the legend says, in the distant 1637, the Holy Mercedes saved Barcelona from a raider of locust. Since then, local residents are affectionately calling her Merce and consider their patroness. It is honored by residents of the whole Mediterranean, but for Barcelona is a special holy. Every year, more than three hundred years at the end of September, residents overlook the streets to express their love for Merce. To them with pleasure, tourists are joined, loving fun.

Honoring Merce, like many Spanish festivities, stretches for a few days. He was assigned the Title Fiesta Major, a great holiday, and therefore the city is transformed at this time beyond recognition. On the windows, residents highlight bright yellow-red striped Catalan flags, on the streets from morning to evening musical ideas and fairs are held.

Merce Holiday in Barcelona

From six evenings the climax of the celebration – the procession of dragons, devils, giants, dwarfs with huge heads, kings and bests. The procession participates and the terrifying view of the revived severed head of the tongue. In the whirlwind of confetti and serpentine, in the fountain of Sparks and the languages ​​of the flame, the procession passes throughout the city, causing delight at the locals and guests of Barcelona.

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