Meeting with non-bank photographer Peter Lovygin

Meeting with non-bank photographer Peter Lovygin

Through Calcutta, Dhaka, Medellin and other the most beautiful cities of this world, as well as on the basis of their wonderful books, the author will tell how to make a whole project on the basis of traveling and not give photos after traveling to settle at the Fritont. There will also be a completely new new-fed: the process of working on new book creation in full swing.

Peter Lovygin – By education Architect, by calling – a photographer and blogger, whose works can be seen at exhibitions worldwide. Traveling through countries and continents, Peter almost never removes landmarks, and always live people and unaczzle, often unsightly, reality. His travel-blog is absolutely not similar to hundreds of ordinary traveler diaries with reports and pictures. This is a non-bunny reality, missed through imagination and filed with a great sense of humor. In parallel with the real countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia Lovygin creates its virtually fabulous country to Kostarik, in which fictional and real characters live, including BG, Louis Armstrong, China Takeshi, walk the giraffes around the Church of Pokrov-on-Nerley, a cow flies across the sky And people are massively trying on the same person: Brezhnev, Gagarin, Simpsons, Amelie – by the mood of the artist. Lovygin is also known as a director who has shot a few clips for Evgeny Grishkovets and Biguchi Groups.

Meeting with non-bank photographer Peter Lovygin

When: March 30, 17:00

Where: "Chipput" on Taganka – m. "Taganskaya" (ring), ul. Yauza, 8/2.

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