Mauritius Island Rodriguez

Mauritius: Rodriguez Island

Rodriguez Island (18.3 by 6.5 km) is located in the Indian Ocean 650 km east of Mauritius.

Western in the center of a low lemon mountain (393 m.), the island of the plain, but is cut off by small valleys with steep slopes ending with numerous bays and cavities.

Mauritius Island Rodriguez

The capital of the island is Port Maturin, located in the northwest Rodriguez. The city reminds the shooting area of ​​Hollywood – there are almost no vehicles here, houses are built in some incredible old style and painted in bright colors, local residents’ clothes are just fantastic, and over all this is the indescribable silence (relative, of course) a quiet provincial city. The main attraction of the city is he himself, as well as his quiet streets, old buildings and hundreds belonging to people from Asia shops and shops.

In addition to the capital, you should visit the magnificent Bay of Grand Bee (5 km. east of Port Maturin), Poant Cotton ("Cotton Cape"), fabulously beautiful BE-O-Yuitra ("Oysters bay"), mangroves thickets BE-Malgash, Huge wild beach Gravin, Beaches Saint-Francois and Fumes near Poant Cotton, Catholic Chapel Sacre Ker (1939 g.) in Saint-Gabrielle, Victoria Waterfall at St. Famil, "Coral plain" With numerous caves in the southwest, the magnificent Bay Topaz bay and Cape Map. In the straits between the coral reefs and in the open sea beyond the mass of interesting places, "served" Local dive centers, as well as many sections for sea fishing.

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