Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest

Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest

Budapest is preparing for the annual event – the mangalinese festival. This is the rare breed of pigs, which a few decades ago was on the verge of extinction and was preserved, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts. Mangalitsa is a Hungarian breed, and it is bred only in this country. Externally, mangalitsa is different from pigs of other breeds. She has a thick long wool that in winter curves, and for this feature, the animal received a name "Woolen Pig". There are four types of these pigs in color – black, red, white and mixed.

Meat of these animals is considered more useful than ordinary pork. The secret is that due to the characteristics of the content and diet, for which other pigs are not adapted, this breed has a slow and more biological weight gain, with the result that fat and meat of these animals have a lighter structure and possess special taste qualities.

Mangalitsa Festival in Budapest

At the festival, which will take place on February 3 on Szabadsag Square, guests can try sausages, salami, sausages produced by the best Hungarian enterprises.

Lovers of delicacies from this type of meat can also be recommended the restaurant Mangalica & Tarsai Huspatika in Budapest, specializing in mangalinese dishes. It is located at: Street Bartok Bela, 50.

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