Malaysia Redang Island (Terenggana State)

Malaysia: Redang Island (Terenggana)

Redang (Palau Redang) – secluded, calm island resort located on the east coast of the Malack Peninsula. There are only 2-3 decent hotels here, but there is a sea park with one of the most magnificent beaches of Malaysia. Redang will find how to hit even the most sophisticated diver. It is especially interesting to dive on the reefs of the island at night – there is a feeling, as if all the lives of the World Ocean.

In early 2001, the state of which includes the island, a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol was introduced. He, however, does not apply to hotel guests.

Route to Redang can be a short flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu (50 minutes), then the car to the pier and ferry to the island.

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Malaysia Redang Island (Terenggana State)

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Malaysia Redang Island (Terenggana State)

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