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Madrasa Kaata

Madrasa Karati is not located in Antalya itself, but in the city of Konya northeast of Antalia coast.

Konya – The ancient city of Central Anatolia, during the times of Seljuk, was the capital of a huge empire, which united even modern territories Iran and Iraq. Therefore, the palaces there were necessity. One of them built karatay in the middle of the 13th century. In the palace later housed a school where the boys studied the Quran. Math and astronomy were also studied in the madrasa, that is, Katalya Madrasa was a very progressive school of his time.Its copy – layout is in Antalya.

In this monument of antiquities, a lot of styles are intended: Greek monumental and Arabic nitlyant pattern at the entrance and a large domes in the middle. It is the details that make the madrasa karati uniqueness. The construction is in very good condition, despite the fact that he is already almost eight centuries.

Madrasa Caita Sights Antalya Tour Profit Guide

Inside the madrasa even more beautiful than outside: mosaic, beautifully drawn walls and ceiling. The huge height and size of the dome and small details contribute to a more complete understanding of the creation.

Museum exposes creatures of antiquity masters for every taste: Vases, ceramic dishes of ancient and modern, decorations, sculptures. Museum workers Gordies by the fact that they can submit to review to visitors.

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