Madrasa Bu-Inania Sights of Fez Tour Profit Guide

Madrasa Bu-Inania

Madrasa Bu-Inania (1357) Named by Sultan Abu Isnana. This is the most large-scale madrasa in Fez. Folding the front door is richly decorated with bronze. Through this door, tourists can enter, without removing shoes. In the other case, leading to the prayer hall of the Madrasa, you can enter exclusively by barefoot

A narrow lobby leads guests to the pool to perform ablutions. In the center of Madrasa, Bu-Inania is a spacious courtyard, where windows from the rooms of students are published. Walls Madrasa are decorated with mosaic, all over their perimeter you can find exquisite poetic quotes from the Qur’an, made of thick black color on a pure light background. Magnificent ceilings demonstrate the exceptional professionalism of the wood cutters. Strict decoration style that combines the dark noble colors of the Atlas Cedar and the White of Stone, set up visitors to academic field. In the rooms of students, the interior is pretty ascetic.

Madrasa Bu-Inania Sights of Fez Tour Profit Guide

The staircase leading upwards, where students are located, and the courtyard is lined with onyx, marble and faience. In the depths of the courtyard, a small influx of the FES River flows through which two neat marble bridges of forming a kind of belonging, for which «Unregimal» The entrance is prohibited because the influx is a prayer room with powerful columns from Onyx.

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