Love Valley Attractions Dalat Tripter Travel Guide

Valley of Love

Six kilometers from the central part of Dalata is a magnificent park area «Valley of Love». Alleams Park loves to walk local youth and foreign tourists. The first name of the park received «ValléE D’Amour». Subsequently, the Vietnamese ruler Bao Gave Renamed Park in «Mira Valley», And only after many years, the park zone returned its name, so loved by young people – «Valley of Love».

A park «Valley of Love» – one of the most visited urban seats. Every year he is becoming more beautiful and picturesque. In 1972, an artificial lake da Thaigen was created in the park. With its magnificence, the lake attracts local youth and guests of the city. By «Valley of love» You can walk with children. The territory of the park is extensive and beautiful. There are various attractions that allow you to conduct an active holiday with health benefits. On the lake there is a boat station carrying boat rental. There is also the opportunity to ride on wonderful horses along the paths of the valley.

Love Valley Attractions Dalat Tripter Travel Guide

Rising on the small hill of Wong Kan Hill, you can admire the magnificent view of the adjacent surroundings.

Entrance ticket to the park area costs 1 American dollar. Walking can be made every day until five o’clock in the evening.

Love Valley Attractions Dalat Tripter Travel Guide

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