Loud opening on Mars discovered seasonal salty rivers

Loud opening: Seasonal salty rivers found on Mars

About your opening agency reported on Monday at a special conference.

Flows have seasonal character and appear in summer, and in winter they disappear, reported in NASA. To learn about their existence, high-quality pictures made by the scientific instrument High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment of the Orbital Martian Apparatus Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter helped.

Streams of liquid water flow on Mars on the slopes of the hills. The width of the rivers does not exceed 5 m. In the area of ​​seasonal flows, hydrated salts were detected – perchlorates. Due to some species of these salts, water on Mars can remain liquid even at a temperature of minus 70 ° C. Scientists emphasized that the perchlorates were already found on the red planet, but in a hydrated form – never.

Loud opening on Mars discovered seasonal salty rivers

Planetologists stated that the presence of salts on Mars speaks in favor of the existence of life on the Red Planet. The head of the NASA scientific department, John Granisfield, has already stated that salty Martian rivers can be used for future colonies as a water source. In addition, they can irrigate the greenhouse built by colonializers.

NASA obsessed with the idea of ​​finding alien living forms up to 2025. Now the Agency is actively working on creating an earthlings colony on Mars. In the orbit of the Red Planet "On duty" five stations, and its surface is examined by two marshodes.

Loud opening on Mars discovered seasonal salty rivers

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