Loro Park Sights of Costa-Adehe Travel Guide

Loro Park

Creator of the Park of Water Attractions Christoph Kissling, opened 40 years ago, truly unique «peace» entitled Loro Park. The reason for the origin of such an idea was love for parrots. Christopher initially wanted to create a parrot park (from where it originated). As a result, the idea acquired a global scale, which is infinitely pleased with each child and adult.

Having visited the Loro Park, you can see a huge collection of parrots, there are 340 species here. Some of these beautiful birds are in special cells, and the other half is freely hired in space, and some even show circus numbers.

Other park inhabitants – Penguins, live in a special closed aviary, where the necessary temperature is supported and artificial snow is created. More than 180 birds are collected here. Around their room, the track is slowly moving, allowing visitors to watch for cute creatures.

In the Loro Park there is a huge aquarium in which various types of fish are inhabited, including «Thunderstorm Ocean» – Akula. Nearby located real dolphinarium, where sea seals and graceful dolphins show the views of the Loro Park.

Loro Park Sights of Costa-Adehe Travel Guide

In this unique corner of wildlife, you can also meet gorillas and chimpanzees, beautiful tigers and terrible jaguars.

In the Loro Park on Canaars for everyone, a cafe is working, where you can have a delicious lunch and share your impressions about what.

Loro Park Sights of Costa-Adehe Travel Guide

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