Lohn Sights Gudauta Travel Guide


There are one small in the Gudautsky district of Abkhazia, but a picturesque village called Lohry. It is located just 5 kilometers from the resort town of Gudauta. This place is not only the historical center of the region, but in the period 1808-1864 was the official residence of Prince, as well as the capital of Abkhazia.

Main landmark Lohny – Complex of the 10th century, which includes the summer residence of the princes of Chachba and the Palace of the Abkhaz Kings.

Cross-dome church of the Assumption Virgin, built in 10-11 centuries., Differs on rich painted frescoes made in the 14th century. Inside Ney – Prince’s tomb of George Chachba-Shervashidze, which is known for the fact that under his rule, Abkhazia officially entered the our Empire. The village is also located – One of the 7 Abkhaz Sanctures.

Lohn Sights Gudauta Travel Guide

On the outskirts of the village stretched the ruins of the church of 6-7 centuries., And every year in October, near these places, in the Poyna Poyna Poyna, locals together with tourists celebrate the yield day. This place since 1989 is considered the main place for the nationwide collection of the Abkhaz people.

In the center of the Polyana, a monument is established in honor of the victims of the Georgian-Abkhaz War. You can see a complete list of natives of the Lohn who died on the front.

Lohn Sights Gudauta Travel Guide

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