Live or dead

Live or dead

Are used: skins, as well as bones and internal organs.

Where to take out: PRC, DPRK, Korea, Taiwan.

Number: The number of the Amur Tiger according to the latest data – 423-502 individuals.

Live or dead

Amur is the only one of the tigers, which has been preserved from the glacial period and was able to master life in the snow. He is an easy beast, despite the fact that it is considered one of the largest terrestrial predators of the planet and has a huge physical force. Tiger is so strong that he can drag on the ground horse carcass over 500 m. In the snow, it develops speed up to 80 km / h, giving up a cheetah in running. Hunts on raisre, deer, roe deer, kabanov. If there are few animals in the taiga, he can attack his domestic cattle, but not per person. The territory of his stay is located along the shores of Amur and Ussuri in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territory. Listed in the Red Book of the our Federation and in the Red Book of the International Nature Conservation Union.

In traditional Chinese medicine, drugs and tinctures are made of it (the so-called wine on the bones of the tiger), which, according to the eastern ideas, give a person a special force and treat a variety of defaults – from rheumatism to impotence. The Chinese grow tigers on special farms, however, parts of wild animals are valued especially expensive.

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