Lichnostatis Attractions of Chersonissosa Tour Profit Guide


Lichnostatis – Special Ethnographic Open Sky Museum. If you want to look at the life of Christians from the inside, learn history through life, it will certainly be to highlight the day to visit this museum.

On the hectare of land owned by the museum, a wide variety of exhibits are collected. The history of the museum is unusual. 50 years ago, one of the families of Crete acquired a small land put on and thought that he was erected on it. At this time, one of the brothers diligently began to assemble all rhylad from the locals – old books, utensils, clothes. It was this first collection that became the basis of the future ethnographic museum of Lakhnostatis.

Lichnostatis Attractions of Chersonissosa Tour Profit Guide

For the museum a special home was built. Materials served as authentic critical materials for construction – Wands of boards, stones. His layout grew on the same laws as the typical house of the Cretan farmer grow. And old things began to look at this house right! Next to the main house, a barn was built, a garden for herbs was broken, an old mill was brought and the shepherd hut was modeled.

On the territory of Lichnostatis, you can not only look at the traditional life, but also taste the traditional Cretan cuisine. The pride of the museum is cinnamon syrup. And after lunch, many guests do not mind try their hand in traditional crafts – work for a weaving machine, pottery, suppress grapes or grind grain on a manual mill.

Lichnostatis Attractions of Chersonissosa Tour Profit Guide

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