Lenti (Lenti)

Lenti (Lenti)

Lenti (Lenti) – Resort town in Western Hungary, 65 km from Keszthey, 260 km from Budapest and 10 km from Border with Slovenia. South of Croatia (25 km) is also held south of the city, and northwest – with Austria (35 km). Population – 8960 people (2001).

Badge Lenty spread on an area of ​​8 hectares and has 5 open and 4-indoor pools, including pool with effects and hydromassage. Sea temperature in pools +25..+27 and +36..+38 °WITH.

Local sodium hydrocarbonate water is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, with the problems of the spine, back, blood circulation.

Located on the territory of the bathing energy park. George has land radiation zones, which are beneficial affecting the human body.

For the first time, Lenty is mentioned in 1237. Was originally known under the name néMeti, which indicates the presence of German colonists.

Lenti (Lenti)

In the Middle Ages, a strengthened castle was built in the city, which defended the ponds and swamp Kerk.

In the XVIII century, after the end of the Turkish occupation, he gradually lost its value.

In 1970, thermal springs were discovered, the eight years later were built bathing, which caused some revival of the city’s economy due to the inflow of tourists.

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