Last desert

Last desert

Seventeenth in Antarctica Race starts in Antarctica «Last desert». The racing period will last until November 27. Only the most endless adventurers are risen to take part in the race.

Race is part of the competition «Four deserts», Presenting a series of seven-day competitions, each of which consists of six stages and is carried out in one of the most severe deserts of the Earth. Races are held in the most sultry, windy and dry places on earth, the exception is only the Antarctic competition. In 2008, when the last time the Antarctic race was held, magazine «Half» Included Racing «Four deserts» to the list of ten most complex endurance tests.

Last desert

Racing participants have to carry with them all the necessary food and accessories, with the exception of tents, drinking water, medicines and fire burning devices that they are provided. The length of each route is 250 kilometers.

Claim to participate in «Only those who successfully coped with two of the three previous competitions, which are held in Gobi deserts, China; Atakama, Chile; Sugar, Egypt. The Antarctic race starts in Ushuaire, Argentina, after which the participants crossed the drill strait and plant on Antarctica, in order to overcome the multi-kilometer snow-covered route.

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