Lassiti Plateau Sights of Chersonissos Tour Profit Guide

Plateau Lassiti

Not far from Chersonissos spread a huge valley surrounded by hills and mountains – Plateau Lassiti. Since ancient times, this plain was the most fertile part of Crete, so there was always a lot of villages. The basis of life on the plateau has always been agriculture and animal husbandry.

The centuries were created by the way of life, which now attracts tourists to Lassiti Plateau. Pastoral of Greek villages, smooth rectangles of green fields, windmills as if they came up with the engraving of the 15th century.

Lassiti Plateau Sights of Chersonissos Tour Profit Guide

On the Lassiti Plateau there is one more attraction, very valued by tourists – Cave Zeus. The natural carcass cave is carved by water in soft rocks, its gender and ceiling thickets with bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. Immediately after visiting the cave, you can climb the dipping dice with which the panoramic view of the Lassiti Plateau.

From time immemorial Lassiti, the legends and myths are enveloped. For antique legends here in the cave was born Zeus-storms. In the ancient Greek texts of Lassiti, is referred to as a blessed country, even the name itself «Lassiti», one of the versions goes back to the ancient Greek «Wheat field». Interestingly, without human activity, the plateau, most likely, would have turned into a high lake, as it happened after the Venetians beat the Greek farmers from these lands.

Lassiti Plateau Sights of Chersonissos Tour Profit Guide

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