Language in Colombia

Language in Colombia

State language country – Spanish. In the Eastern and Mountain Areas of Columbia, Spanish is noticeably different from the canonical language – there are many words that have Indian, English and Portuguese origin.

English Learn in all schools, but in everyday life its use is very limited – only the inhabitants of Cartagena and representatives of business circles speak in English. Indian languages ​​are widely distributed in Amazonia and Orinocy, the total number of which is estimated within 12 major linguistic groups and 75 languages.

On the Islands of the Caribbean Sea is widely used so-called "Afro-English" or "Yamayan English" language.

Most Colombians speak Spanish only. Even in the capital, foreign languages ​​are owned by no more than 10% of the population, in the provinces they will explain in English or in another language of the planet almost impossible.

Language in Colombia

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Colombia – Que Chevere!

And the country is really cool: calm, friendly, beautiful, cheerful, with very friendly and pleasant people. Over the past 4-5 years, it became acquainted personally and virtually with a large number of travelers who visited Colombia, and never heard a hint of negative feedback about the country – a solid positive. It happens! Read more →

Language in Colombia

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