Landmark of Florence Basilica Santa Croce

Florence Sightseeing: Santa Croce Basilica

Basilica Santa Croce is located in the center of Florence; This is the largest in Italy Franciscan Church. According to legend, she was founded by Saint Francis Assisi in the XIII century.

The temple is built in the form of the Egyptian cross. It is famous for the beautiful frescoes of Giovanni Jamball and Jotto di Bondone, Altarian decorations Donatello, Bernardo Rosselino and architectural ideas Antonio Kanov and Filippo Bruntelles.

All 16 Capel, located in Basilica, are works of art. Particularly distinguished Capella Pazzi, made Filippo Bruneland. It is located in the inner courtyard of basilica. The windows of this church in the Gothic style are decorated with stained glass windows. The bas-reliefs of the department dedicated to the Holy Francis, they made the Banedetto de Mayan.

Landmark of Florence Basilica Santa Croce

In Basilica there are tombs of famous Florentines – about 300 representatives of science, culture and politics. Among them, Astronomer Galileo Galilee, Sculptor Michelangelo Buonaroti, physicist Enrico Fermi, Composer Joakkino Rossini. In honor of the Florentine Dante, the deceased and buried in exile, established Kenotaf – a symbolic tomb.

The temple is located the same spacious area, where national festivals and reconstruction of historical events are arranged, various urban festival events are held.

Landmark of Florence Basilica Santa Croce

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