Landmark New York Central Park

Landmark of New York: Central Park

The huge Central Park of New York is located on Manhattan and stretched in length, like the island himself, from the south to the north of four kilometers. South part of it is adjacent to Broadway at the statue of Columbus, the north is limited to the 110th street. This is one of the largest parks in the country and the favorite holiday destination residents of New York.

Central Park was created in the middle of the XIX century and covers an area of ​​three and a half square kilometers. This is the most visited park in the country, which has acquired world fame due to the shooting of dozens of films. Beautiful green park landscapes were created artificially, but look indistinguishable from natural. Thanks to the abundance of trees, the central park is often called "Light New York". Through the territory there are ways to migrate bird flocks, so there are excellent opportunities for surveillance in seasonal feathers. In addition, on the territory of the Park, in the northern part, the reservoir named after Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy. This is a picturesque artificial reservoir with many types of waterfowl and designer designed by the coastal landscape.

Landmark New York Central Park

Along the Central Park is the famous Museum Mile New York. On the perimeter of the park for 10 kilometers there is a great track for running, cycling and roller rollers.

From the height you can see how great the central park
New York Central Park is good at any time of the year, but the most beautiful thing he looks in autumn.

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