Landmark Madrid Bridge Segovia

Madrid’s landmark: Segovia Bridge

The oldest bridge of Madrid, the Bridge of Segovia, began to be built at the end of the XVI century, but the construction was delayed almost in the century due to frequent reconstructions and repairs. Despite the fact that it was significantly damaged by an explosion in 1936, during the Civil War in Spain, now the bridge is restored in pristine form.

Designed the Bridge Known Spanish Architect Juan de Errera. His style is uncharactertene for the Baroque era: the work of the master is distinguished by a strict style, which was subsequently called "Neukrasheny"; it was ahead of his time.

For a long time, a large and majestic bridge contrasted with a small river Manzanares flowing under it. Fountains and pools were built on the visual expansion of the water space on the two shores. Massive granite supports of the bridge seem disproportionate, but they are constructed with a certain goal – to be resistant to strong floods, during which a small river turns into a stormy stream that demolishes everything in its path.

During the reconstruction of the bridge, excavations were carried out, which showed that near this place already existed the bridge, built in the XIII century by order of King Castile and Leon Alfonso XI fair.

Landmark Madrid Bridge Segovia

Fountain at the Segovia Bridge in Madrid
Night Panorama

Route: Nearest Stops – PÂș Ermita Del Santo – PTE. Segovia (bus number 22), Segovia – Virgen Del Puerto (Buses number 31, 50, 65). Address: Calle Segovia (Segovia Street), Madrid, Spain.

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