Landmark Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Sightseeing Barcelona: Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) in Old Barcelona is located between Layetan (Via Laietana), Catalunya Square (Plaça de Catalunya) and Rambla Boulevard (La Rambla). Its building belongs mainly to the XIV-XV centuries. There are many narrow pedestrian streets, good restaurants, clubs with noisy nightlife, expensive boutiques. In the same area there are museums, including the Catalonia History Museum, and many monuments.

The most impressive and remarkable construction of the Gothic Quarter is the beautiful Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Holy Evlalia, the construction of which was started in the XII century. Despite the fact that it is much less known than the masterpiece of Gaudi Sadrad-last name, it is this temple that is the chief Cathedral of the city. Another characteristic place to visit is the Neoclassical Royal Square (Plaça Reial), where all sorts of musical holidays and festivals are held. Also interesting government building on Saint Yakov Square (Plaça de Sant Jaume), the Gothic Church of Santa Maria del Pi (Santa Maria del Pi) of the XIV century, the old ruins of the Roman wall and the dilapidated temple of August, the Archbishop Palace and the Jewish Quarter. Many of the Gothic Quarter buildings are decorated with mosaic signs and plot bas-reliefs.

Landmark Barcelona Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is small in size, but you can walk on it for hours, making stops in numerous cafes
The famous bridge overwhelmed through Carrer Del Bisbe

Landmark Barcelona Gothic Quarter

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