Lake Kaali Sights Kuressaare Tour Profit Guide

Lake Kaali

In the northeast of the city of Kuressaare is Lake Kaali, Surrounded by numerous legends. The diameter of its approximately 60 meters, the surface is round, and the bottom has a funnel shape.

One of the old legends says, Lake Kaali – This is a trace that left the giant-agriculture Suour Tulle. Another legend says that there was a house in this place in which the brother and sister lived. They decided to get married, and right during the wedding they were killed – The house went under the ground, and the lake appeared in his place.

Lake Kaali Sights Kuressaare Tour Profit Guide

The question of his origin was worried about geologists back in the XIX century. German geographer Luce never could solve this task, his compatriot Wangenheim believed that Lake Kaali had volcanic origin. our Natural Resistant Eduard Ivanovich Eikhuld was convinced that the reservoir was created by the hands of a person.

And only in 1927. Mining engineer I. A. Reinwald close to this mystery. He made the assumption that Lake Kaali appeared on the site of the crater of a fallen meteorite. His hypothesis was not supported, and Ivan Alexandrovich long and unsuccessfully tried to find meteorite fragments. Good luck smiled in 1937, in the form of found pieces of iron, the analysis of which finally confirmed its theory.

Lake Kaali Sights Kuressaare Tour Profit Guide

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