La Oliva (La Oliva)

La Oliva (La Oliva)

La Oliva (La Oliva) – Village in the north of Fuerteventura Island, 25 km south of Corralejo.

La Oliva is one of the picturesque villages on the island and the popular part of sightseeing routes. It is located in the shadow of Montana de Escantraga (529 m). The first European immigrants appeared here at the beginning of the XIV century. In 1709, the newly appointed Military Commander Island elected La Olich with his residence. The city soon became the Military Capital of the Island and, along with Betancuria, the Center for His Political Life.

The headquarters of the military was located in Casa de Los Koronel – "House Polkovnikov" – A large strict building with two low towers in the corners and multiple windows: they say, along the window for every day of the year, although it does not correspond to reality.

Located Casa del Capellan (Priest house) – modest one-story building with richly decorated portal and window openings.

La Oliva (La Oliva)

In the center of the village stands Iglesia de Nuestra SeƱora de la Candelaria. White walls of this charming church dated 1711 year, contrast with square bell tower of black volcanic stone. The interior of the church defines many beautiful statues and paintings by Juan de Miranda.

Center of Canary Art demonstrates the works of local artists, and Museum of Grain, Located in the grain of the XIX century, – the grain history.

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