Karulia herds on Mount Athos

Karulia herds on Mount Athos

The famous Mountain was settled since ancient times and is known for almost 1800-year-old continuous Christian presence and the oldest monastic traditions that go to the 9th century.

Karulia’s hermits on Mount Athos in the Aegean Sea, Karulia’s Herfts on Mount

Today in this region there are twenty-east-orthodox monasteries, where more than two thousand monks live ascetic life, isolated from the rest of the world.

Karulia Mount Athos

Most monks live together in the monastery, performing various labor affairs like growing vegetables, manufacture of wine, fishing, wood thread, tailoring and so on. Others prefer to retire in small houses called the Skit, where they live in full insulation.

Mount Athos, photo Mount Athos, photo 1

The most isolated Skeits are located on the south side of the Athos Mountain, in the region known as Karulia. On one of the steep slopes, the group of monks built secluded beds, located almost on a sheer cliff.

Karulia herds on Mount Athos

Mount Athos, photo 2 Mount Athos, photo 3

These houses are so hard to reach that even the vital materials – firewood and food – need to be delivered in baskets suspended to the ropes.

Mount Athos, Aegean Sea Mount Athos, Aegean Sea, photo

In the past, to climb to your slaughter, the monks used ropes and chains, chained straight to the rock. Today there are steep wooden stairs, nailed to the rocks, which are used to lift in the mountain. Some of the monks, especially in old age, may not leave their skit decades.

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