Kalmykia Region Information

Kalmykia: Region Information

One of the largest lakes of Europe. Water in the lake is more salted than in the Black Sea. The wind in these places makes frightening sounds, and the waves sometimes reach a height of 12 meters. In these places you can meet wild Mustang horses. The lake is reduced annually at least 5 meters, which is why the natural reserve is organized here today.

Reserve "Black lands"

Named so because of the rare snow in the winter, in connection with which from the space in the pictures, the reserve looked like a black hole. There is a tulip island on site, and the main inhabitant is Antilopa Saigak. In the reserve 2 plot: steppe and ornithological. You can get to the reserve only by prior arrangement with the administration.

Yashalta salty lake

Kalmykia Region Information

Lake Square – 40 square meters. According to their healing properties, it is comparable to the dead sea. Lake itself in shape resembles a flat cup. Thousands of holidaymakers arrive here every year for treatment in the mud.

Sarpinsky lakes

Are traces of the ancient line of the Volga. In the spring, all lakes are connected together, and in the summer most of them dries. One of the most rare birds is inhabited here – Small Reling. Local reservoir partially dismisses the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.

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