Jonathan Trappa Air Adventures

Jonathan Trappa Air Adventures

American Jonathan Trappa became famous for the whole world thanks to his unusual way to travel – he overcomes huge distances in balloons.

Worldwide fame Jonathan Trapp found after in 2010 on a bundle of 365 balls made a flight from England to Belgium. For his flight, he created a special basket in the form of a house, thereby reciting the famous scene from the cartoon "Up".

Jonathan Trapp is the first person in the world who managed to cross the strait of La Mans in such an unusual way.

Main goal of Jonathan Trapp cross the Atlantic Ocean. To realize his dream, he deployed a large-scale public company to collect money and, thanks to the great popularity of his person, he managed to collect the necessary amount.

Jonathan Trappa Air Adventures

On September 12, 2013, Jonathan Trappa went to conquer the Atlantic, but unfortunately, this time his dream was not destined to come true.

Jonathan Trapp started from Karoshu, Maine with hope to overcome 4 thousand. KM. and land in Paris. Trappa was forced to make a premature landing in Canada because of the difficulties arising in management. Since the movements of the airplant moved with the help of a radar, then helicopter was sent to it.

Imagine this idea while no one succeeds – five aeronautics died towards a dream. But, hardly sad statistics and an unsuccessful attempt will stop the trapp, and soon we and I may be able to hear about his exploits.

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