Joker Gorge Sights Gagr Travel Guide

Joker Gorge

Joker Gorge Named so in honor of the river, which carries its sparkling water by his DNU. This mountain river remembers those times when the Greeks and Romans, the Turks, the Byzantines and the Genoes walked on its shores were invincible guests, looking for valuable rocks of the tree that agreed in the district. For example, the ledge of them became a precious browse.

The joker gorge was also a kind of border and the place of communication of the Abkhaz and Circassian tribes living in the mountains. Ethnographic studies helped to detect ancient trails leading to the gorge for which the brave Caucasian came down «Spartans» – Nature of the beggars.

Joker Gorge Sights Gagr Travel Guide

Lost from the gorge ABAAT’s fortress was constantly patient raid downholes, so the military command was decided to cut the forest around the only transition and build in the center of the Watchtower. Destroyed, Marlinsky Tower and to this day stands there. The gorge exposed around the tower became the basis for the construction of the power plant, and the houses for workers rose around it.

Today, the joker gorge is an excellent sample of the beauty of the Caucasus. The greenery of the shores, smashet, chestnuts and a red tree, pure waters of the river, the beneficial air of travelers and tourist vehicles.

Joker Gorge Sights Gagr Travel Guide

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