Jameos del Agua (Jameos Del Agua)

Jameos del Agua (Jameos Del Agua)

Jameos Del Agua) – Complex of volcanic caves in the northern part of Lanzarote Island, created by the project of the architect Cesera Manrique and personifying harmony between nature and artistic creative.

Open to visit in 1977, Complex Chameos Del Agua became the first center of art, culture and tourism Lanzarote.

The complex is part of volcanic caves formed by the eruption of the crown volcanic. Lava, which flowed down the slope of the volcano, was cooled, reaching the ocean, which resulted in the surface layer, while the Lava River continued to flow at lower levels, forming extended caves. Over time, under the action of erosion or in the explosion of gases, the surface in places collapsed, which led to the formation of volcanic grotts («Chameos») connected by underground tunnels.

Jameos del Agua (Jameos Del Agua)

The entrance to the territory of the complex is carried out through the "small grotto", connected to the "big grotto" gallery 100 and a width of 13 m, crossing the underground lake (the level of which is regulated by the Atlantic Ocean), in which the unique albinos wrappers live anywhere in the world.

At the end "big grotto" A unique concert hall for 600 places amazing with his acoustics, which regularly hosts concerts and theatrical productions.

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