Jack Page – British tourist whom failures are pursuing

Jack Page – British tourist whom failures are pursuing

When he traveled in India, then a very unpleasant situation happened to him. Jack argued with the driver of the Tuk-Tuk that he was trying to deceive him, and at that moment a large cow crashed into it. Jack had a concussion and multiple bruises. On this day, local residents celebrated some festival, because of which the animal was very frightened and attached to the English traveler.

It is possible to get injured in India very easily, but you can get into the unpleasant story on the Paraboro Paradise Island – more difficult. Jack with his girlfriend Alice settled on a secluded island. The guys got stuck for several days. But what was their surprise when, after a walk on the island, they found that the Varana ate almost all of their food. The next four days they had to be almost hungry.

A truly life-threatening situation happened to Jack during a hike to Everest. Then he became infected with giardiasis – a disease that parasites in the small intestine. Traveler miraculously escaped death.

Jack Page - British tourist whom failures are pursuing

When Jack traveled through Myanmar, his train came down from the rails near the very dangerous area. As a result, he had to help raise the composition to put it on the rails.

Even when Jack went to Ukraine, then he was found in trouble here. He decided to visit the country at the time of the state coup. For the fact that he made a few shot of policemen, he wanted to plant him in the chamber, but fortunately everything cost.

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