Islands Sies Sights Vigo Travel Guide

Islands Sies

Islands Sies are an amazing archipelago, which is drowning in greenery and boasts clean beaches and transparent water at the coasts. The archipelago itself is located opposite the coast of Pontaler, not so far from the mouth of the Vigo River. His development had to be in the 50s of the last century, and already in 1980 these islands were declared a natural reserve, and in 2007 there was a rather large and respected British edition called the beach «Rodas», Located on Monte-Agudo Island, the cleanest and most attractive beach worldwide.

Monte-Agudo, Faro and San Martinho are the most attractive islands that fascinate tourists from all over the planet. And every year their number is only growing, because in these places you can relax on the charming beaches with crystal clear water, which are surrounded by untouched nature. Also, these islands are a great place for hiking and walks on the yacht, for diving and surfing.

Islands Sies Sights Vigo Travel Guide

It is noteworthy that the archipelago has a limit on which the ferry cannot bring more than 2,200 thousand people to the territory of the islands in one day, which is why it is necessary to take care of her rest in Sies. As for the infrastructure, the archipelago is located all that only needs to tourists – camping zones, small restaurants, bars and gastronomic stores.

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